Open Online Courses

We are collaborating with a number of partners to offer a set of free introductory online courses to help you adapt your work to digital spaces.

You will be able to engage with the courses in your own time by exploring animations, video lectures and webinars, and downloading worksheets and reference pages to test your knowledge at a time that suits you.

Stay tuned for more courses on a broad range of topics!

We’ll cover a broad range of other topics on how technology can be used to build peace, including using data for peace, transformative online conversations, responsible and effective design processes, developing strategic commmunications for peace, and other deep topics.


Consolidation de La paix numérique 101: Utiliser la technologie pour la paix


Construcción de Paz Digital 101: Introducción a tecnología para la construcción de paz


Digital Peacebuilding 101: introducing technology for peacebuilding


Digital Process Design & Facilitation for Mediation


Rehumanizing Relationships on Social Media


Remote Capacity Building: how to use tech tools to deliver training and mentoring remotely

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Courses are currently only available in English but will be translated to Spanish, French and Arabic over the coming months.

We are working to improve these courses, including improving the experience for mobile users. Experiencing technical issues? Send us a note –

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