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Recent Events and Recordings:

Exploring the Digital Peacebuilder’s Guide | Aug 3, 2023

“Sealing the Cracks” Digital peacebuilding and intersectional feminism | May 31, 2023

“Ask me Anything” with the Build Up team, 2022 Year in Review | Apr 26, 2023

Exploring Peace Through Art, with Reem Khatib from Open Art Space | Mar 8, 2023

Generative Art & Digital Peacebuilding: exploring the unseen latent space of neural networks through text-to-image artwork, with Zach Tilton | Aug 24, 2022

Participatory Action Research, Polarization, and Social Media: lessons from Digital MAPS, Build Up | Mar 16, 2022

Social Media Analysis for Mediators and Peacebuilders, Build Up and The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue | Feb 9, 2022

Phoenix demo: social media analysis for peacebuilders and mediators, Build Up and datavaluepeople | Dec 15, 2021

Building Trust Online, with Waidehi Gokhale (Soliya) and Rawan Tahboub (Sharing Perspectives Foundation) | July 13, 2021

Feminist approaches to online consultations and what they reveal, with Krystel Tabet, Helena Puig Laurrari, and Mira El Mawla | June 18, 2021

Misinformation and Social Cohesion, with Caleb Gichuhi | May 11, 2021

Reimagining what engineering is for: a place for peacebuilding, with Darshan Mukesh Arvinda Karwat | April 13, 2021

Strengthening information literacy: Countering extremism and strengthening social cohesion, from the ‘New Ec(h)o systems: #Democracy in the age of #SocialMedia’ conference | 16-17 March 2021

Social media and conflict analysis: What you can actually learn about a conflict context from social media, with Mira El Mawla and Krystel Tabet | March 9, 2021

Social media and peacebuilding in the U.S.: Updates and Lessons from the Commons Project, with Kate Mytty and Julie Hawke | February 10, 2021

Design’s response to the crises of 2020, RSA Events with Helena Puig Laurrari | December 10, 2020

WhatsApp for Workshops: Collaborating on a large-scale research project remotely, with Claudia Meier | October 20, 2020

Social Media and Mediation, with Maude Morrison | September 17, 2020

A Conversation on Identity Polarization, with Build Peace 2020 keynote speaker, Medinat Malefakis | July 22, 2020

Fostering a systems lens to peacebuilding and social justice work during the pandemic, with Ncedisa Nkonyeni and Fergus Turner from the Bertha Centre | July 8, 2020

Peace and the Pandemic (video of event, audio only), at London School of Economics | June 24, 2020

Online Identity Formation: A Growing Challenge to Peace, at Virtual Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development | May 20, 2020

Setting the Scene: A Framework for the Functions of Technology in Peacebuilding, at DME for Peace | May 14, 2020

Don’t bury the signal: engaging with polarized conversations, at Global Digital Development Forum | May 6, 2020

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