Community & Learning

We hold space within the peacebuilding community for conversations and contributions to collectively learn how to build peace in the digital age through action, reflection and iteration.

Free Online Courses

Build Up is collaborating with Shift Power for Peace to offer a set of free introductory online courses to help you adapt your work to digital spaces.

Tailored Courses

We offer in-person or online, tailored training courses to organisations or teams. Drawing from a core body of material, we can adapt the course length and approach to the needs of organisations and teams. Some examples of courses include the following

  • One-day overview of the ‘peacetech’ field, including short case studies and best practices in innovation for peacebuilding
  • Three-day deep dive into best practices for innovation in peacebuilding, including an introduction to human-centred design for peacebuilding projects and programs
  • Five-day full human-centred design process for a peacebuilding program, taking a team from ideation all the way to planning for an innovative pilot
  • Deep dives (of varying length) into a particular area of peacebuilding innovation, such as using data for dialogue, artificial intelligence and big data for peace operations, peace engineering, creative arts for consultation, or rumour management and peace messaging

We have delivered tailored courses for the British Council, Danmission, Christian Aid, ZIF and Interpeace. Get in touch to discuss an in-person or online course for your organisation or team.

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