Community & Learning

We hold space for conversations and contributions where we can collectively learn how to build peace in the digital age through action, reflection, and iteration.

The peacebuilding community is a big place that is growing bigger everyday. We think of the Build Peace community as our favorite neighborhood within it, and we welcome both long-time residents and new visitors. We imagine it to have a great coffee shop and lots of street art! We hope you’ll come sit, discuss, and learn with us.

Open Online Courses

We offer a set of free introductory online courses to help you adapt your work to digital spaces.

Webinars and Events

We join and host conversations with people doing and thinking about digital peacebuilding in interesting ways.

Tailored Trainings

We offer in-person or online, tailored training courses to organisations or teams.

This community of practice gathers annually at the Build Peace conference. Join us to chart the future.

Join us to build a future together