About Build Up

Build Up transforms conflict in the digital age. We do this by combining peacebuilding best practices, participatory methodologies and digital technologies to identify and address emergent challenges to peace.

We use digital technologies to build peace: we support peace innovators across the globe, working with local organizations to design and implement technology interventions for peacebuilding processes that address divisions in society. We transform conflicts that happen in digital spaces: we conduct research and interventions to address polarization on social and digital media in diverse contexts across the globe.

To support our work, we also develop policy and research around the uses of digital technology for peace, deliver online and in-person training courses, and host a global community of practice around peace and technology, convened at an annual conference.

Our Values

Build Up is a new model for a global non-profit, driven by values embodied throughout our work, culture, and organizational structure: Build Up operates as a collective, in which we share organisational and financial ownership, operation, and risk across our core team. Shared ownership includes collective shaping of our organisational strategy, systems, and distributed organisational maintenance duties. As a financial collective, we transparently set salaries according to need, rather than hierarchy, age, experience, or geography.

Our internal operating principles reflect the values we bring to our work: We believe in a collective, decolonial, and anti-racist peacebuilding practice. We believe in non-extractive and relationship-centered processes. We are honest, open, and vulnerable. We are not experts. We value knowledge, and we engage in cross- and trans-disciplinary thinking and doing. We give space to learn, encouragement to grow, and sometimes to err. We work with and support ourselves and others as whole people. We place stewardship, respect, love, peace and non-violence at the heart of our work. And our style is a bit punk: non-hierarchical, dynamic, and a little irreverent.

Our Team

Build Up is a non-profit with a global team. Our core team brings together diverse skills: mediation, negotiation, facilitation, peacebuilding, marketing, media, filmmaking, design, coding, data analysis, social media, metal-work, graphic recording and more.


Our core team works with a talented group of associates who support specific projects with their technical skills and experience.