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Build Up is a global non-profit working beside local organizations to identify and address emergent challenges to peace through interventions, research and training that combine peacebuilding best practices, participatory methodologies and digital technologies. We convene a community of practice at the Build Peace conference.

Noun [uncountable] · /piːs!bɪl.dɪŋ/

Peacebuilding is an activity that aims to resolve injustice in nonviolent ways and to transform the cultural and structural conditions that generate deadly or destructive conflict. It revolves around developing constructive personal, group, and political relationships across ethnic, religious, class, national, and racial boundaries. This process includes violence prevention; conflict management, resolution, or transformation; and post-conflict reconciliation or trauma healing, i.e., before, during, and after any given case of violence.


Peace is not just the absence of violent conflict, but a society in which everyone can thrive. To build peace is to use non-violent means to reconcile differences and to collectively transform relationships and structures in a way that is inclusive, just, and sustainable.


We work on emergent challenges to peace in the digital age and emergent opportunities to transform conflict with digital technologies.

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Community & Learning

We hold space within the peacebuilding community for conversations and contributions to collectively learn how to build peace in the digital age through action, reflection and iteration.


We conduct research and provide policy recommendations on using technology to build peace and how to address emergent challenges to peace in the digital age.

Build Peace

Build Peace is a global conference and community of practice that explores emergent challenges to peace in a digital age, and peacebuilding innovations to address these challenges.

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