Phoenix is an open-source, non-commercial, customisable process and tool to support peacebuilders and mediators who want to work ethically with social media data to inform programming. 

It is social media analysis made by and for peacebuilders:

  • Contextually grounded problem statements that address peacebuilding objectives
  • Data pipeline to add the social media sources you need
  • Customisable automatic labelling models to reduce manual organising of data
  • Dashboard to visualise engagement, sentiment and networks
  • Evidence-based initiatives that respond to social media insights

Phoenix is the result of a partnership between Build Up and datavaluepeople. Our dedicated team of 6 coders, 3 analysts and 2 program managers bring together a rare mix of skills in coding, data science, social media analysis, conflict analysis and peacebuilding. 

With Phoenix, we aim to:

  • Create accessible tools for peacebuilders around the world to be able to do social media analysis, contributing to decolonise data
  • Create tools for Build Up to be able to augment, speed up and strengthen the peacebuilding work they do, including contributing to a body of knowledge about the role of social media monitoring in the peacebuilding field
  • Create software and AI systems that can provide new insights into polarisation on digital media, including social media
  • Create a community of developers and peacebuilders that can sustain the longevity, and demonstrates the possibility for future collaborations

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Watch a demo

Phoenix offers an exciting approach for peacebuilders and mediators to use data. Watch this demo to learn more about social media mapping in action.

Access the code

The technology is open source & non-commercial. You can set it up if you want; if you want us to set it up, we’ll charge you what it costs (we don’t want to make a profit). Phoenix code is licensed under AGLP-3.0.

Get in touch

We have collaborated with UN agencies, local peacebuilders, academic institutions and researchers to use Phoenix in 8 countries. Do you have an idea for collaboration or questions about using Phoenix? Get in touch!