Rehumanizing Relationships on Social Media

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Welcome to Rehumanizing Relationships: An Action-Oriented Course on How to Use Social Media for Depolarization around Race + Politics

Social media is part of our lives. For most of us, we can no longer separate social media from the other areas of our life, including our relationships. In other words, our interactions offline with someone influence how we engage with them online, and our interactions with someone online influence how we engage with them offline. This is true on an individual level, and combining millions of individuals together, it is true on a community and societal scale.

In this course, we’ll explore the role social media is playing in polarization, and more actively, the creative roles social media users (that’s us) can play in depolarization. If you are here, this may be your personal goal, to have positive influence in your networks and relationships using social media strategically and intentionally. This course and the examples within it focus on the U.S., where we run the Commons Project, but it can also be applied elsewhere.

One thing we know about hacking social media for the purpose of depolarization:  there is power in numbers and networks. By doing this together, we can come closer to a society that can respond with peace and we look forward to engaging in this course with you.

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