Syria Digital Steps Fellows 2019 – 2020

In 2019, we received 156 applications to the Digital Steps Syria program. In June 2019, we brought together 10 shortlisted teams for a pre-selection workshop. Over five days, we introduced teams to examples of innovative initiatives from around the world, taking them through a rigorous human- centered design process to refine their original ideas. Based on the pre-selection workshop, we selected 7 outstanding local initiatives from across Syria. 

These seven initiatives are now working on a diverse set of projects to build social cohesion inside Syria. Their projects range from a participatory video project to empower women to tell their own stories, to a game to encourage reflections on diversity, a Messenger chatbot that connects people with services, and a Facebook campaign to raise awareness around rumors. Teams are also working on a video campaign to encourage critical thinking among youth and children, and an e-learning platform to bring people together through art skills.