3.1 Brainstorm: ideas + poll

You have now seen an overall framework for digital inclusion, and seen examples of digital technologies being used for peace from around the world. Some of these examples will have seemed relevant to you and your work, others much less so. This section (and this brainstorm exercise) is designed so you can begin applying the content you’ve explored so far to your own work. 

Some of you are working on a primary context, others may be working across multiple contexts: we invite you to share ideas that are either specific or general. The purpose of this brainstorm is to generate ideas: we are going for quantity, not quality right now. Don’t censor yourself early on, think creatively! There will be a chance to narrow down based on entry points, risk factors and design considerations at the end of this section.

This is a collaborative brainstorm that you’ll submit individually, with everyone contributing to one virtual whiteboard. After you submit, see what ideas others taking this course before you have input! Follow the simple instructions on the link to contribute your ideas-no wrong answers!

You will be redirected to another tab, where you can submit your idea(s) and then return to this page.

Then see what other ideas have been posted!

Hover your cursor over the scrolling board below, or see the results full-screen in a new tab here.

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