Cordula Reimann

Dialogue and Participation

Cordula works as a process and dialogue facilitator, adult educator, mediator and coach. She has specialized in participatory approaches to political and social participation, polarization, collective and transgenerational trauma and the political dimensions of loneliness in Switzerland and beyond.

After working for 13 years for local, national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations and research institutes in peacebuilding and development, Cordula started her own core and core coaching business more than 12 years ago. Cordula studied political science and international relations, among other things, and obtained her PhD in peace and conflict research.

Cordula engages on conflict transformation related to COVID-19. She was a founder of the Swiss “Specialist Unit for Dialogue and Participation”, which was initiated during the acute COVID-19 lockdown period. The goals were to advise the Swiss federal government, cantons and communes on communication and de-escalation strategies and the development and implementation of forms of dialogue and participation. The unit has been closely observing and analyzing the increasing polarization in Swiss society since April 2020 and turned to the federal administration with specific proposals for de-escalation and the establishment of dialogue.