Resources for Practitioners

We support peacebuilders to produce, analyse and share quantitative and qualitative data about conflict and peace.

Digital Inclusion for Mediators

In 2019, Build Up collaborated with the Graduate Institute in Geneva to explore the potential of digital technologies to influence mediation processes. Together with colleagues at the Graduate Institute, we ran an online course and consultation for mediation and peacebuilding practitioners to explore how digital technologies can be used to help achieve the strategic purposes of peacemaking. The online course introduced participants to our framework for understanding digital inclusion, and took them through a participatory design process to develop concrete use cases for digital inclusion. The final results of the research, including concrete use cases that came out of the design process, will be published in the near future.

Human Security Business Partnership

Build Up is part of a Research Group for the Human Security Business Partnership of LSE IDEAS, participating in group discussions about how to conceptualises and operationalise a framework designed to to encourage collaboration between the private sector, the public sector, and civil society to protect and empower individuals and communities in areas affected by conflict and crisis. We recently wrote a discussion paper on the role of technology in shifting relationships between communities and companies in conflict-affected settings.

Participatory Video for Peacebuilding

Over the years, Build Up has produced a series of guides that provide advice, exercises and notes for practitioners who wish to use a participatory video methodology to enhance the resilience and peacebuilding capacities of conflict affected communities. The latest of this guide was prepared during a training for youth leaders in the Philippines organized by International Alert Philippines, and incorporates material on strategic communications and scriptwriting developed jointly with the Alert Philippines team. This guide draws on the extensive literature on PV, and is based on the experience of Build Up facilitating PV processes in South Sudan, Central African Republic, Bosnia, and the Philippines.