Analysis of Digital Conflict

We conduct research and interventions to address polarization on social and digital media in contexts across the globe.

Social Media as a Tool for Peacebuilding

Build Up is working with International Alert to explore the role of social media as a strategic tool for peacebuilding. The research seeks to address both the positive and negative roles of social media in conflict contexts and develop a deeper understanding of its potential as a peacebuilding tool. In the final paper, we identify a series of emergent threats to peace posed by social media, as well as proactive ways that peacebuilders are already using social media to build peace. We then present a framework for understanding the key functions that social media can play in peacebuilding.

The Commons: research and interventions to depolarize online political conversations in the USA

Between June and December 2017, Build Up, in partnership with MIT MISTI and with funding from HumanityX and The City of The Hague, ran a pilot program that explored interventions to address polarization on Facebook and Twitter in the USA. This evaluation report explores the process, results and impact of The Commons pilot. The second Commons project ran throughout 2019, testing a variety of strategies, and our evaluation concluded that we have designed and tested a model that delivers results and impact at a reasonable cost and can be scaled. This evaluation report explores the process, results and impact of The Commons 2019.

Scaling the Commons
by Build Up
Building the Commons
by Build Up

Analysing refugee-host community narratives on social media in Lebanon

In November 2018, UNDP commissioned Build Up to conduct a comprehensive mapping and analysis of Syrian refugee-host community relations in Lebanon (including narratives, sentiments and amount of traic) on Facebook and Twitter. The final report covers findings from a desk review, qualitative interviews and analysis of over 2.6 million Tweets and 14,734 Facebook posts and comments. Building on this analysis, the report also serves to identify challenges and opportunities for UNDP to integrate social media monitoring into its programming.

Strategy Support to Stonewall

As the UK’s leading LGBT rights organisation, Stonewall o”en deals with conflict among diverse stakeholders. Build Up worked with Stonewall staff to analyse how conflict was showing up on social media and introduce a number of innovative policies and tools (including non-violent communications and social media listening) to strategise about how to overcome challenges in new ways.