The 2018 – 2019 fellowship supports three Myanmar organisations to gain digital skills that will help increase their peacebuilding impact. We will be working with them until September 2019. Follow our blog to read about their journey.

Karen Peace Support Network

The Karen Peace Support Network works with its member organisations to promote sustainable peace in Myanmar, working with the Karen ethnic communities in the Southeast and on the Thai-Burma border. Together with its members, KPSN works to build local capacities, bring about peaceful development and advocate for sustainable peace.

As Build Peace Fellows, KPSN will conduct a participatory video project on the Thai-Burma border to explore the ongoing challenge of displacement. Working together with displaced communities and those that have returned to Myanmar, KPSN will use the participatory video as an advocacy tool to engage with all stakeholders, as well as an empowerment tool to build community capacity.

Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation

The Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation (MIDO) works to promote technology for social change in Myanmar and to promote media and digital literacy through a range of programs.

As Build Peace Fellows, MIDO will develop a Facebook chatbot to further promote media literacy in Myanmar. In a context where low media literacy is closely tied to intercommunal conflict and misinformation contributes to increasing polarisation and division, MIDO’s chatbot will provide news literacy e-learning content and support their existing fact-checking work through a fact-checking function. As a result, they hope to minimize the impact of fake news and misinformation that can incite intercommunal violence.


SEED for Myanmar

SEED for Myanmar works to educate, empower and engage with youth in Myanmar’s Mon State and beyond.

Their projects aim to increase the role of youth in peace, education and economic development processes in Myanmar.

As Build Peace Fellows, SEED for Myanmar will develop a Facebook campaign that enables youth to positively imagine a peaceful and prosperous future for Mon State.

By co-creating content, a cohort of youth will develop and maintain an online platform, which will then be used to foster dialogue between youth and local authorities in Mon State.