Strategic communications for peacebuilders

Whether it’s using social media effectively, training community filmmakers, or designing a peace game, we help peacebuilders identify and implement effective communication strategies for their programs.

Through capacity building, accompaniment and strategy development, we work with our partners to develop a plan and tools that will allow them to have sustained impact on the actors and issues they seek to influence.

logoThe Commons
The Commons is a pilot project that tests an approach to address filter bubbles that have become destabilising in civic conversations in the USA. Drawing from successful frameworks of prior research and peacebuilding practice, the pilot first identifies polarising filter bubbles on Twitter and Facebook, then uses social media bots to engage with people who display certain behaviours in these bubbles, and finally organises a network of trained volunteers to move identified users towards constructive engagement with each other and with the phenomenon of polarisation.

Read more about this project here.

For International Peace Day 2017, Build Up and International Alert partnered to engage the general public to build a flock of robots that will share messages of peace on Twitter. The aim of this Robots for Peace campaign is to reach as many people as possible with peace messages, and get #peaceday trending on Twitter in as many places as possible on or around the UN International Day of Peace on September 21.

Read more about this project here.

downloadNews That Moves
In 2015, Internews launched NewsThatMoves, a news website for people who are displaced or seeking asylum, especially in Greece and the Balkans, that produces independent, verified information people can use. Internews contracted Build Up to design, develop and launch the NewsThatMoves site and related social media campaigns. We did this until August 2016; the site is now entirely run by Internews.

The site has been recognised as a critical resource for refugees. You can see ithere.