Community arts for peacebuilding

Arts-based approaches allow peacebuilders to challenge and transform prevalent narratives and identities. Specifically, we find that participatory, community-based arts have a strong potential to complement and add value to other more traditional reconciliation and dialogue activities, by creating a safe space for anyone (including harder to reach populations) to engage in individual and group reflection without the pressures or dynamics of a formal or more structured process.

We design and implement community arts interventions that support reconciliation, national consultations, trauma healing, trust-building and other peacebuilding objectives. Our approach adapts to the conflict context and remains flexible enough to be led by the individual and community needs that emerge through the process.

carSupport to the Political Transition in the Central African Republic
In December 2015, USIP began a year-long project to support the political transition in the Central African Republic. USIP contracted Build Up to design and facilitate a community-based art methodology that would serve as both a form of qualitative research and a more inclusive method for participating citizens to share their perspectives on security sector reform and the disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and repatriation process with national leaders.

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ss-pvParticipatory Video in South Sudan
Supported by the VISTAS program, the Dinka-Misseriya Joint Border Peace Committee in Northern Bahr ElGhazal state works to reinvigorate cross-border economic ties, restore and improve relationships, and address divisions between the communities on both sides of the Sudan – South Sudan border. In support of the Committee’s work, Build Up ran a participatory video initiative aimed at bringing young men and women into this process as peace actors in their own right.

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