Lilian Maruti Wanjala

Peace Engineering

Lilian Maruti Wanjala is an experienced Civil/Structural Engineer based in Kenya. With a career spanning seven years, she has primarily worked on projects in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as in the telecommunications and commercial real estate sectors. However, Lilian’s aspirations extend beyond project execution. She aims to transition into a consulting and advocacy role within the Civil Engineering/construction industry, collaborating with diverse organizations to bring about positive changes

Lilian is driven by a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on construction practices in Kenya. Her focus is twofold: improving the standards of living for communities and ensuring the highest standards of environmental and human health. By leveraging her expertise and knowledge, Lilian aims to influence and shape the construction industry toward sustainable and responsible practices.

Through her consulting and advocacy work, Lilian envisions playing a pivotal role in fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and social responsibility within the construction sector. She aims to collaborate with stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that address pressing challenges while promoting sustainable development.

Lilian’s ultimate goal is to contribute to a transformation in the construction industry in Kenya, where projects are not only successful in terms of functionality and durability but also prioritize the well-being of individuals and the environment. By championing higher standards, Lilian seeks to create a positive ripple effect that enhances the quality of life for communities and contributes to a more sustainable future for Kenya.