Our work

Here are some of the projects we've worked on. We're happy to share more of our insights and to discuss collaborating on other projects. Get in touch with us.

Build Peace

Build Peace is a community that brings together practitioners, activists and technologists from around the world to share experience and ideas on using technology for peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Build Peace is also an annual, international conference. Build Up is the originator and convenor of this community and conference. How to build peace? Join us to chart the future.

Somali Region Strategic Technology Support

With the support of Interpeace, three local research organizations – the Academy for Peace and Development, the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies and the Puntland Development Research Center - are introducing technology-enabled solutions to increase participation in their peacebuilding work. Build Up supports the selection of adequate technology, provides tailored training, and works with the organizations to design methodologies for using these new technologies. Read about participatory polling, one sub-set of this project.

Participatory Video in South Sudan

Supported by the VISTAS program, the Dinka-Misseriya Joint Border Peace Committee in Northern Bahr ElGhazal state works to reinvigorate cross-border economic ties, restore and improve relationships, and address divisions between the communities on both sides of the Sudan - South Sudan border. In support of the Committee's work, Build Up ran a participatory video initiative aimed at bringing young men and women into this process as peace actors in their own right. Read more about this project and download the 1st edition of our Participatory Video for Peacebuildingmanual.

Whole-of-Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The London School of Economics has concluded a grant agreement with the European Commission to conduct research into the EU’s conflict prevention work. As part of this research project, Build Up will contribute to assessing and recommending the innovative and appropriate use of ICTs within conflict prevention and peacebuilding, with a particular emphasis on the EU’s role in relation to ICTs.

Build Peace Database

The Build Peace Database aims to document uses of information, communications, networking and gaming technologies in peacebuilding programs around the world. Projects are categorised by the peacebuilding program area they fall into and by the function that technology plays in the project. Build Up is the curator of this database, which is currently in alpha. Learn more.

Digital Games to Prevent Violence

PEACEapp is a global competition to promote digital games and gamified apps as venues for dialogue and conflict management. The competition is funded and convened by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the United Nations Development Program and is open to entries at all stages of development. Build Up coordinates the implementation and curation of the competition.

Civic Engagement in Cyprus

Mahallae is a digital neighbourhood for civic engagement developed by Cypriot civil society and innovators from the Euro-Mediterranean region. The Social Cohesion and Reconciliation Index (SCORE) was designed by Cypriot think-tank SeeD to assess two components of peace in society: social cohesion and reconciliation. Mahallae and SeeD are implemented in partnership with UNDP-ACT, who has engaged Build Up staff to advise and accompany them since their inception.

Support to Sudanese Civil Society

The Sudanese Development Initiative SUDIA actively incorporates technology into its peacebuilding and civil society empowerment programs. It runs a Community Communications System that combines SMS, online mapping and radio to disseminate information in remote communities at risk of conflict. Build Up supports the design and maintenance of this System, as well as collaborating on training for civil society.

Civic Crowdfunding Research Project

The CCRP advances socially-grounded research into the use of crowdfunding for projects that serve communities. It published the first study of civic crowdfunding, covering platforms in Brazil, Spain, the US and the UK. Build Up works with partners to analyze how alternative financing models, including donation and investment-based crowdfunding, can support their work.