Participatory research for peacebuilding

Over the past few years we have witnessed a democratisation of peacebuilding practice. A wider range of organisations and individuals are building peace and they are leveraging increasingly innovative methodologies, from new technologies to artistic forms of expression. We work on our own research to develop and implement those methods. We also support organisations interested in implementation or who are trying to understand their impacts in different peacebuilding contexts.

We specialise in researching innovative peacebuilding approaches through participatory processes. We believe local communities know best what research questions should be asked and how research results could be used to effect peaceful change. We provide training and accompaniment to peacebuilding organizations that want to engage in participatory qualitative and quantitative research that is community-owned. This often involves introducing research methods to civic actors, co-designing surveys, identifying and deploying supporting technology, and developing a communications strategy for results.

somaliaSomali Region Research & Technology Support
With the support of Interpeace, three local research organizations – the Academy for Peace and Development, the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies and the Puntland Development Research Center – are introducing technology-enabled solutions to increase participation in their peacebuilding work. Build Up supported the selection of adequate technology, provides tailored training, and works with the organizations to design methodologies for using these new technologies.

Read about participatory polling, one sub-set of this project.

carSupport to the Political Transition in the Central African Republic
In December 2015, USIP began a year-long project to support the political transition in the Central African Republic. USIP contracted Build Up to design and facilitate a community-based art methodology that would serve as both a form of qualitative research and a more inclusive method for participating citizens to share their perspectives on security sector reform and the disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and repatriation process with national leaders.

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british_council_logoInnovative Peacebuilding in Syria
In January 2016, the British Council commissioned Build Up to map current peacetech initiatives responding to the Syrian crisis and consider options for future work using technology for peacebuilding and development. The report ‘Innovative Peacebuilding in Syria: a scoping study of the strategic use of technology to build peace in the Syrian context’, which outlines the outcomes of the research, represents the first and only such mapping to date.

Read more about this project and download the research report.

eu-flagWhole-of-Society Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
The London School of Economics has concluded a grant agreement with the European Commission to conduct research into the EU’s conflict prevention work. As part of this research project, Build Up is leading the assessment of and recommendations for innovative and appropriate use of ICTs within conflict prevention and peacebuilding, with a particular emphasis on the EU’s role in relation to ICTs.

Read more about this project and download our scoping paper.

glyn-cochCivic Crowdfunding Research Project
The CCRP advances socially-grounded research into the use of crowdfunding for projects that serve communities. It published the first study of civic crowdfunding, covering platforms in Brazil, Spain, the US and the UK. Build Up works with partners to analyze how alternative financing models, including donation and investment-based crowdfunding, can support their work.

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