Strategic communications for peacebuilders

Whether it’s using social media effectively, training community filmmakers, or designing a peace game, we help peacebuilders identify and implement effective communication strategies for their programs.

Through capacity building, accompaniment and strategy development, we work with our partners to develop a plan and tools that will allow them to have sustained impact on the actors and issues they seek to influence.

downloadNews That Moves
In 2015, Internews launched NewsThatMoves, a news website for people who are displaced or seeking asylum, especially in Greece and the Balkans, that produces independent, verified information people can use. Internews contracted Build Up to design, develop and launch the NewsThatMoves site and related social media campaigns. We did this until August 2016; the site is now entirely run by Internews.

The site has been recognised as a critical resource for refugees. You can see ithere.

carSupport to the Political Transition in the Central African Republic
In December 2015, USIP began a year-long project to support the political transition in the Central African Republic. USIP contracted Build Up to design and facilitate a community-based art methodology that would serve as both a form of qualitative research and a more inclusive method for participating citizens to share their perspectives on security sector reform and the disarmament, demobilisation, reintegration and repatriation process with national leaders.

Read more about this project.

ss-pvParticipatory Video in South Sudan
Supported by the VISTAS program, the Dinka-Misseriya Joint Border Peace Committee in Northern Bahr ElGhazal state works to reinvigorate cross-border economic ties, restore and improve relationships, and address divisions between the communities on both sides of the Sudan – South Sudan border. In support of the Committee’s work, Build Up ran a participatory video initiative aimed at bringing young men and women into this process as peace actors in their own right.

Read more about this project and download the 1st edition of our Participatory Video for Peacebuilding guide.

aswatAswat Faeela (Active Voices) Syria Program
The British Council Syria team is implementing a youth leadership project to develop young Syrians’ social leadership skills and capacity through practical action both inside Syria, as well as in countries affected by the Syrian Crisis, and to give them a voice in national and international discourse about peacebuilding and community resilience. Build Up is involved in supporting the introduction of a training component on new technologies in the curriculum. The aim is to supporting tech-enabled processes that facilitate vertical and horizontal connections to enable participants to have a stronger voice in national and international discussions on conflict and peacebuilding in Syria.

peaceapp_logos_newDigital Games to Prevent Violence
PEACEapp was a global competition to promote digital games and gamified apps as venues for dialogue and conflict management. The competition was funded and convened by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the United Nations Development Program in 2014 – 2015. Over 100 submissions from 42 different countries tackled different aspects of peacebuilding and cross-cultural dialogue in engaging and innovative ways. Build Up coordinated the implementation and curation of the competition.

Read more about the competition.

sudiaSupport to Sudanese Civil Society
The Sudanese Development Initiative SUDIA actively incorporates technology into its peacebuilding and civil society empowerment programs. It runs a Community Communications System that combines SMS, online mapping and radio to disseminate information in remote communities at risk of conflict. Build Up supported the design and maintenance of this system, as well as collaborated on training for civil society.

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